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July 29, 2007


Trish - Scrapanalia

Great to have you bloggin again Nic and Iam so happy to hear that you have decluttered your life :) Sometimes we all need to stop and take stock of things and make decisions. Iam glad you have done this and can now move ahead alot happier :)
Your linen is AMAZING too :)


Hey Nic,
need to do what is right for you, not for anyone else. And you know what, sometimes,its just so not worth the stress.

Elie Smith

Great Blog Nicole :) Elie

Elie Smith

So glad you are bloging again Nic and also the linin colection looks great. You say you have decluttered your life a little I am sure that will be so fantastic for you sometimes we need to do this to able us to move on. Hope you will be happier and can scrap now >> Elie

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